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C-Bits Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cbits::CallbackTimerA timer object that invokes a user-supplied callback when it expires
cbits::CallbackTimer_PTHREADPTHREADS implementation of the cbits::CallbackTimer class
cbits::CallbackTimer_WIN32Win32 implementation of cbits::CallbackTimer class
cbits::CallbackTimerExceptionException class for cbits::CallbackTimer
cbits::CallbackTimerListenerCallback interface for use with cbits::CallbackTimer
cbits::ResourceLockA lockable object used to synchronize multithreaded access to sensitive resources
cbits::ResourceLock_PTHREADPTHREAD implementation of the ResourceLock class
cbits::ResourceLock_WIN32Win32 implementation of the ResourceLock class
cbits::RunnableThread client execution object
cbits::SignalObjectUsed by an event producer to notify event consumers of the occurrence of a significant event
cbits::TempLock< Lockable >Template class for automatically locking/unlocking an embedded object
cbits::ThreadPortable OO thread abstraction
cbits::Thread_PTHREADPTHREAD implementation of the cbits::Thread class
cbits::Thread_WIN32Win32 implementation of the cbits::Thread class
cbits::ThreadExceptionException class for cbits::Thread

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