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cbits::LogLevel Class Reference

LogStream log levels. More...

#include <LogLevel.h>

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Public Types

enum  Level {
  MIN = -1, TRACE = -1, ERR = 0, DBG1 = 1,
  DBG2 = 2, DBG3 = 3, MAX = DBG3
 Enumeration of LogStream log levels. More...

Detailed Description

LogStream log levels.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum cbits::LogLevel::Level

Enumeration of LogStream log levels.

Enumeration values:
MIN  Minium logging level.
TRACE  'trace' logging.
ERR  Error logging.
DBG1  Debug level 1: error,info.
DBG2  Debug level 2: error,info,detailed.
DBG3  Debug level 3: error and all debug.
MAX  Maximum log level.

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