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    This page is (obviously) under construction.

    What is it?

    A collection of lightweight C++ classes, partitioned into small packages, that can be downloaded and built either as a library, or absorbed at the source code level into your project.

    Each package aims to be:
    Smallno more than a handfull of classes in each packge.
    Independentno package depends on any other package.
    Portableall packages will build on Unix and Windows.
    Documentedall documentation is generated from the source code using Doxygen.
    Unit testedall packages have separate CppUnit unit test suites.
    FreeRespect the MIT-style license, and you can do what you want to with the code.

    Over time, each package will more closely approach these ideals.

    Package Summary:
    The first packages comprising the C-Bits collection will be:

    Package Description
    property application property file I/O, command line merging, etc.
    pointer small collection of smart pointers.
    logstream a std::ostream-based, logging class supporting runtime configurable log levels and filtering.
    thread O-O thread abstractions, Resource locking, timers, etc.
    socket O-O socket classes.
    sslsocket SSL socket, certificate, context, and peer classes with SSL support provided by OpenSSL.

    The license is very unrestrictive.

    The project is still being setup, no packages are yet ready for release although the CVS files may be browsed.

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